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Preface to the Revised Edition
Since the first edition of this work was published on 15th August, 1947, the day of the country’s Declaration of Independence, much water the flown under the Indian bridge. With the attainment of the freedom and the passing away of the father of the Nation, some of the major problems facing the country have suffered a new orientation, while a few, like those of the Princes and the dominant British community, civilian and mercantile, have been entirely eliminated. In these radically altered circumstances it has been found necessary to overhaul almost completely the structure of first edition of the book, to drop out some of the old anachronistic chapters and add as many as forty new ones, so as to make the work as comprehensive as possible. It has been my aim and earnest endeavor in this revised and enlarged edition to present to the reader a concise but authoritative source-book of Gandhiji’s essential views on all important Indian problems, so that the same may prove helpful not only to all students of Gandhian through but also to active constructive workers in the country. In spite of all the shortcomings of the work, engendered by limitations of space, etc., let me hope that my labours have not been in vain.
R. K. P.