India Of My Dreams
By: Krishna Kripalani
Compiled: R. K. Prabhu
With a foreword by : Dr. Rajendra Prasad

ISBN 81-7229-002-0

Printed and Published by : Jitendra T. Desai
Navajivan Publishing House, Ahemadabad - 380 014, India.

Navajivan Trust, 1947

  Foreword (Rajendra Prasad)   Preface To the revised edition
  Preface to the first edition   To The Reader
  India of My Dreams   The Meaning of Swaraj
  In defense of Nationalism   Democracy in India
  India and Socialism   India and Communism
  The Curse of Industrialism   Class War
  Strikes   Choice before Labour
  Rights or Duties   The Problem of Unemployment
  Daridranarayan   The Gospel of Bread Labour
  Sarvodaya   Theory of Trusteeship
  Non-violent Economy   The Way to Equal Distribution
  India's Record of Non-violence   The Sarvodaya State
  Satyagraha and Duragraha   The Tiller of the Soil
  Back to the Village   Every village a Republic
  Panchayat Raj   Village Industries
  What the Government can do   Village Exhibitions
  The Music of the Spinning Wheel   The Mill Industry
  The Gospel of Swadeshi   Cow Protection
  Co-operative Cattle-Farming   Village Sanitation
  Village Health   Village Diet
  The Village Worker   All-around Village Service
  A Call to Youth   The Nation's Health, Hygiene and Diet
  Drink and Drugs   Urban Sanitation
  Evil Wrought by the Foreign Medium   My Own Experience
  India's Cultural Heritage   The New Education
  Basic Education   Higher Education
  Ashram Ideal of Education   National Language and Script
  Provincial Languages   Hindi in the South
  A Code for Students   Regeneration of Indian Women
  Women's Education   Birth-Control
  Sex Education   Children
  Communal Unity   Varnashrama Dharma
  The Curse of Untouchability   Religious Tolerance in India
  Proselytization   Problems of Administration
  Reorganization of Provinces   The Problem of Minorities
  An India Governor   The Press
  Peace Brigades   Indian Nation Congress
  India, Pakistan and Kashmir   Foreign Settlements in India
  India and World Peace   The message of the East
  Obiter Dicta   Glossary