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India and World Peace
The better mind of the world desires today not absolutely independent State warring one against another, but a federation of friendly interdependent State. The consummation of that event may be far off. I want to make no grand claim for our country. But I see nothing grand or impossible about our expressing our readiness for universal interdependence rather than independence.
Young India, 26-12-24

My ambition is much higher than independence. Through the deliverance of India, I seek to deliver the so-called weaker races of the earth from the crushing heels of Western exploitation. India’s coming to her own will mean every nation doing likewise.
Young India, 12-1-28

This I know that if India comes to her own demonstrably through non-violent means, India will never want to carry a vast army, an equally grand navy and a grander air force. If her self-consciousness rises to the height necessary to give her a non-violent victory in her fight for freedom, the world values will have changed and most of the paraphernalia of war would be found to be useless. Such an India may be a mere dream, a childish folly. But such in my opinion is undoubtedly the implication of an India becoming free through non-violence. When that freedom comes…it will have come through a gentlemanly understanding with Great Britain. But then it will not be an imperialistic, haughty Britain maneuvering for world supremacy, but a Britain humbly trying to serve the common end of humanity.
Young India, 9-5-29

India will no longer then be helplessly driven into Britain’s wars of exploitation, but hers will be the voice of a powerful nation seeking to keep under restraint all the violent forces of the world.
Young India, 9-5-29

I venture to suggest, in all humility, that if India reaches her destiny through truth and non-violence, she will have made no small contribution to the world peace for which all the nations of the earth are thirsting and she would also have, in that case, made some slight return for the help that those nations have been freely giving to her.
Young India, 12-3-31

When India becomes self-supporting, self-reliant, and proof against temptations and exploitation, she will cease to be the object of greedy attraction for any power in the West or the East and will then feel secure without having to carry the burden of expensive armaments. Her internal economy will be the strongest bulwark against aggression.
Young India, 2-7-31

If I want freedom for my country, believe me, if I can possibly help it, I do not want that freedom in order that I, belonging to a nation which counts one-fifth of the human race, may exploit any other race upon earth, or any single individual. If I want that freedom for my country, I would not be deserving of that freedom if I did not cherish and treasure the equal right of every other race, weak or strong, to the same freedom.
Young India, 1-10-31

I feel in the inmost recesses of my heart…that the world is sick unto death of blood-spilling. The world is seeking a way out, and I flatter myself with the belief that perhaps it will be the privilege of the ancient land of India to show that way out to the hungering world.
India’s Case for Swaraj, p. 209

What policy the National Government will adopt I cannot say. I may not even survive it much as I would love to. If I do, I would advise the adoption of non-violence to the utmost extent possible and that will be India’s great contribution to the peace of the world and the establishment of a new world order. I expect that with the existence of so many martial races in India, all of whom will have a voice in the government of the day, the national policy will incline towards militarism of a modified character. I shall certainly hope that all the efforts to…show the efficacy of non-violence as a political force will not have gone in vain and a strong party representing true non-violence will exist in the country.
Harijan, 21-6-42