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33. Two Letters
Yeravda Mandir,
Nov. 12, 1930
For the health of your body you should take sitz and sun baths, and for the peace of mind, Ramanama is the best balm. Restrain yourself when any passion troubles you. There is only one way of walking in the light of God and that is to serve His creation. Indeed there is no other meaning of God's grace of light.

Jan. 9, 1945
Your letter. Whether you get well or not — what does it matter? The more reliance we place on God, the more peace of mind shall we have. Vaidyas and doctors are there, of course; but they take us farther away from God. That's why I preferred to send you there. Nature Cure treatment brings us nearer to God. I will have no objection whatever if we could do even without it. But why be afraid of fast or avoid pure air? The meaning of Nature Cure is to go nearer Nature— God. Let us see how far I succeed in this. I will certainly not overstrain myself.