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32. A Thought For The Day
To fall ill should be a matter of shame for anyone. Illness implies some error to other. He whose body and mind are perfectly sound, should never suffer from illness.
- Sevagram : 26-12-'44

An evil thought is also an indication of illness. Therefore, we should guard ourselves against evil thoughts.
- Sevagram : 27-12-'44

An infallible remedy for evil thoughts is Ramanama. The name should proceed not merely from the lips, but from the heart.
- Sevagram : 28-12-'44

Diseases are numerous, so also are the physicians and their treatments. If we regard all disease as one and consider Rama as the one and only physician, we are freed from most of our troubles.
Sevagram : 29-12-'44

How strange that we should be running after vaidyas and doctors who themselves die, but quietly forget Rama who is eternal and is an unfailing vaidya.
Sevagram : 30-12-'44

But more strange than this is the fact that though we know that we too have to die one day, and that as a result of doctors' treatment we can at best prolong our existence by a few days more, we put ourselves to no end of trouble.
- Sevagram : 31-12-'44

The young and the old the rich and the poor—all die before our very eyes; still we will not sit at restbuit do all that we can, except relying on Rama, just to live a few days longer.
Sevagram : 1-1-'45

What a fine thing would it be if we understood this and placing our reliance on Rama patiently put up with whatever ailment came our way lived in real peace.
Sevagram : 2-1-'45

If a man regarded as religious is suffering from illness, it means that something or other is lacking in him.
Sevagram : 22-4-'45

If a man's mind remains impure in spite of himself, Ramanama should be his sole support.
On Nearing Madras : 21-1-'46

The more I think the more I realize that Ramanama recited from heart and with knowledge is a cure-all for every kind of disease.
Uruli : 22-3-'46

Attachment, hatred, etc. are also diseases and worse than the physical ones. But for Ramanama, there is no cure for them.
Uruli : 23-3-'46

Uncleanliness of mind is more dangerous than that of the body: the outer uncleanliness is, however, but an indication of the inner one.
Uruli : 24-3-'46

Who can describe the joy and happiness that one experiences by taking shelter in God?
Uruli : 25-3-'46

Ramanama is helpful to those who fulfill the conditions of its recitation.
New Delhi : 8-4-'46

Repetition of Ramanama becomes in vain if no corresponding service worthy of Rama is rendered.
New Delhi : 21-4-'46

The fear of illness accounts for more deaths than the illness itself.
Simla : 7-5-'46

For the cure of threefold malady, Ramanama is a sure remedy.
New Delhi : 24-5-'46

He who seeks refuge in Ramanama obtains the satisfaction of all his desires.
New Delhi : 25-5-'46

If one wants to drink the nectar of Ramanama, it is but necessary that one should drive out lust, anger, etc.
New Delhi : 20-6-'46

When all is well, then, of course, everyone takes the name of God; but a true devotee is he who remembers God when all goes awry.
Bombay : 6-7-'46

The elixir of Ramanama imparts joy to the soul and rids the body of its ailment.
Poona : 9-7-'46