GANDHIJI : Complete Book Online

Written by : Jugatram Dave
Translated by : Jyoti Verma
First Edition : 2,000 copies, October 2012
Price : Rs. 15/-

Published by : Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal - Gandhi Book Centre
299 Nana Chowk, Tardeo Road, Mumbai 400 007, MS, India

Printed by : Vivek Jitendrabhai Desai
Navajivan Mudranalaya, Ahemadabad-380014 (INDIA)

Navajivan Trust

Publisher's Note
Home Town The Caste
Putlibai Ba (Kasturba)
The Test The Truth
Prahlad and Harishchandra Vaishnav
The Spinning Wheel How Did Gandhi Live
The routine of a Satyagrahi The day of the Silence
Characteristics of Gandhiji Ashram-1
Ashram-2 The Servant
Ganga on this Bank and Yamuna on the Other The Child Walking Stick
The history of Costume Khadi
The Khadi Cap The White Cap
The White cap lived on The Gandhi Cap
Shirt Alone The knowledge of language
The experiment with nutrition Nature Cure
Seeing the Penniless A Short Dhoti
The Compartment is Home, The Compartment is Ashram! The Jail Palace
Three Vows A Coolie Barrister
Forced to get down Misery of the Coach
The Push Backlash from a friend
Mir Alam became a devotee A Violent Storm
The result of Sins Harijan First
Harijan sin The Ashram Two Historical Marches
National Fast Fast for love
A Big Fast The Independence
To The Britishers Love
Non-violence Soul Force
His Name is Bapu Our Country
Hymn of Gandhi Gandhi came to Gujarat
Take Shelter with Gandhi