47. A Big Fast

Gandhiji always tried to keep peace between the Hindus and the Muslims, but they kept fighting.

He would tell them that we are the children of the same motherland, but the fights went on.

"Think of our ancestors living peacefully together," yet the fighting would go on.

"Fighting doesn't display anybody's virtues, so be together." But who would think of values if they were enjoying the fights?

"You can't be independent if you don't stay united!" But how could they follow this while they were still angry at each other. "Keep in mind that your fights are going to benefit someone else."

But how could anyone think clearly if their mind was full of anger?

At last when Gandhiji was tired of all this he declared that he would keep fast for twenty-one days.

The place chosen for the fast was Mr. Ansari's house in Delhi. Gandhiji would happily tolerate the pangs of hunger and Mr. Ansari would lovingly take care of him.