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05. Bapu's Punctuality
Bapu's pilgrimage on foot from one village to another in Noakhali began everyday exactly at 7 a.m. He got very annoyed even if there was a delay of two minutes. Once it took me five minutes longer to get ready as certain things could be packed only after he was ready, whereupon he said, "See, the kirtan singers and village people have been standing outside for a long lime and still you are delaying. You have stolen five minutes of live hundred people and how can this be ever tolerated? I am going; you follow. I don't like this waste of time. Don't think that in future too you can take your time and follow me later. You can of course overtake me by running since you are young and I am old. But it is wrong to be late. Work should be done according to schedule, and when people have been told seven as my starting time, and there is delay even of two seconds I am pained."