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Bapu - My Mother book cover

Bapu - My Mother

"Have I not become your Mother? I have been father to many but only to you I am Mother"

- Gandhiji to the Authoress

By: Manubehn Gandhi

Translated from the original in Gujarati by: Chitra Desai

First Edition: February 1949

Printed & Published by:

Navajivan Publishing House,

Ahemadabad 380014, Gujarat, India.


» Foreword
» Bapu as my mother
» Meaning of sacrifice
» Lessons of the Gita
» Extravagance is violence
» Bapu's Punctuality
» Bapu's thoroughness
» Bapu the miser
» Lover of cleanliness
» Ramanama
» Importance of small things
» Homeless
» Reception with costly garlands
» Bapu's remarkable achievement
» Bapu's glorious birthdays