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81. "Did you see the result ?"
Once Bapu visited Aligarh. One day a friend insisted on straining the milk and serving it to Bapu, instead of letting Ba, who always took every possible care about Bapu's food, do it. Now just when Bapu was on the point of drinking the milk, he noticed a hair in it. Whereupon he inquired how this had come about. Ba then told him the whole story. Bapu burst out, "You see the result?" And he refused to take the milk. This caused intense anguish to Ba who, with tears in her eyes, spoke out, "If someone is disallowed, his feelings are wounded; and if allowed, he, being inexperienced, cannot do the job properly. Bapu has to engage himself day and night in serious problems and yet alas, he refuses to take milk and starves himself!" However, thereafter she resolved to be still more attentive in doing her assignment.