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Ba and Bapu
Compiled By : Mukulbhai Kalarthi
Translated from the original in Gujarati by : Gurdial Mallik
First Published : 1962
Price : Rs. 30/-
ISBN 81-7229-165-5

Printed & Published by :
Jitendra T. Desai
Navajivan Publishing House, Ahmedabad - 380 014, India
Navajivan Trust, 1962

"I can no more describe my feeling for Hinduism than for my own wife. She moves me as no other woman in the world can....
The feeling of an indissoluble bond is there."
"No one in the whole world has a husband like mine If I am held in high esteem in the world, it is because of my husband."
- Ba

An Humble Homage (Maganbhai P. Desai) An Ideal Married Life (Mukulbhai Kalarthi)
Ba's Supreme Self-satisfaction Ba, An Ideal Helpmate
Ba : "Have at least some decency" Public Service and Gifts
Ba's unusual capacity to bear suffering Ba and Bapu's determination
Bapu's discrimination and Ba's determination "You have grown very old indeed !"
How Bapu nursed Ba ! Bapu's Satyagraha in the house !
Bapu afraid of Ba ! Ba's simplicity
Vow of poverty Ba's non-attachment
Ba, the mother of the poor Ba : "When we are with him, then that makes all the differences."
Ba's ever-watchful eye The Mendicants - Ba and Bapu
Ba in Bapu's footsteps Ba, a sharer in Bapu's hardships
Bapu's renunciation A severe test of Ba's love for her children
Ba - The one great attraction of the ashram Ba's initiation into the ashram life
Training of the ashram sisters The ghee-fed lamp
Ba : "Well, you know now, what Bapu is like !" Ba : "You! Afraid of me?"
Ba's wedding-day Ba's gift
Ba : "What nonsense is this?" Ba's touching farewell
Ba's big heart Bapu's love for Ba
Bapu : "Ba's courage is endless." Ba : "But why are you so nervous?"
Bapu : Well, that is just like Ba !" Bapu : "For you also, Ba, am I a Mahatma?"
Bapu : "Ba has simply to be obeyed!" "She has even brought about a quarrel between us !"
The bitter and the sweet Ba's considerateness
Bapu's Khadi Movement and Ba Ba's love for Khadi
Bapu : "But my sons are also yours." Ba - Mother of Harijans
Ba's attitude towards the Brahmans Bapu : "Tell the beads of your Grand-ma's name, Kahana !"
Ba's fondness for games Ba : "We shall all go together."
Ba, the mother of all Ba believed in self-help
Ba ever intent on serving others Ba was always devoted to work
Ba's teaching others by example Ba's alertness
Ba - Every one's mother Ba's punctiliousness
Ba's Sympathetic Nature "No good and wise persons in Sevagram except..."
Ba, an image of non-violent courage Self-respecting Ba
Ba : "Everyday Bapu is up to some mischief !" Ba : "Bapu deserves it !"
Ba's use of English Ba leans how to write English at the age of sixty !
Ba's child-like simplicity Ba, innocent as a child !
Ba, ever curious as a child Bapu's mother !
How Bapu looked upon Ba The piteous cry of a mother's heart
Touching meeting of Ba and Harilalbhai Ba's mother-heart
Ba in the footsteps of Bapu Bapu's wish was Ba's wish
Bapu's insistence on strict observance of rules Ba alone could stand Bapu
Ba : "Bapu's obstinate nature? Well, I know it too well." Ba's life-companion
"Did you see the result?" Bapu : "Well, Ba was unique."
Ba : "I shall go after Bapu has finished taking his food." Ba's affectionate care of Bapu till the last
Bapu : "Ba is always sitting here." Bapu : "I know Ba better."
A holy sight A sacred memory
"If Ba would not eat it, I will." Ba's Mahadev
74-year-old student Ba ! How could Ba ever bear it !
The way of the world Ba's faith in Bapu
Bapu's faith in Ba Bapu : "Ba, I do not look upon you as a doll of clay."
Ba : "I want to die in your lap, Bapu." Ba : "If I am separated after all these years."
Ba's premonition A little argument
Ba's observance of fasts and festivals Bapu : "I cannot keep Ba away from me."
Ba's pious wish Ba's concern about Bapu's fast
Savitri-like Ba Bapu's service of Ba
God's name, the only Panacea Ba : "Rather rejoice at my going away."
"When Ba calls me" Who was more fortunate?
Ba- A poor man's wife Companion for sixty-two years
Ba - warp and woof of Bapu's life A householder's ordeal
Such was Ba's nature Ba's presence
A precious relic
Appendix I : Ba and Bapu Appendix II : Irreparable loss and separation