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» Lessons for Social Work from Gandhi's Autobiography - By Prof. K. D. Gangrade
» GANDHI - A Perennial Source of Inspiration - By Dr. Neeta Khadapekar
» An orservation on neo-modern theories of Global Culture (With a connotation on Gandhian orientation) - By Balamurali Balaji
» The Techno-Gandhian Philosophy - By Balamurali Balaji
» Global Peace Movement and Relevance of Gandhian View - By Dr. Ravindra Kumar
» Technology: Master or Servant ? - By Dr. S. V. Prabhath, Chairman, NCRI
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» Gandhi - Call of the epoch - By Arun Bhatt (Translated by Alaka Sarma)
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» Contexualising Gandhian Thought - Edited By Siby K. Josephy (Download E-book - Courtesy:
» Learning Unfettered in the Management Classroom: Experiential Learning - By Dr. Aparna Rao
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» Thanatos, Terror and Tolerance: An Analysis of Terror Management Theory and a Possible Contribution by Gandhi - By Kuruvilla Pandikattu SJ and Gini George
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» IBU GEDONG BAGOES OKA - A Study of Gandhian Influence in Indonesia - By R. Ponnu
» The Gandhian solution to reconstruct the post conflict Colombian society and polity - By Dr. Ravindra Kumar
» गांधीजी की क्रांतिकारी रचनात्मकता - नारायण देसाई
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» Understanding Gandhi's Concept of Liberty - By Meena Deshpande
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» Learning from Gandhi - By Robert J. Burrowes
» हम इंसान बनेंगे तो गांधीजी करीब मिलेंगे - सर्वपल्ली राधाकृष्णन
» गांधी का रास्ता ही हमारा रास्ता है - जयप्रकाश नारायण
» Gandhi's Life and Principles: Truth Unrevealed - By Dr. Ravindra Kumar
» Transforming work life through Gandhian principles - By Sidhi Goyal
» कहाँ हैं गांधी का प्रभाव ? - कुमार प्रशांत
» Gandhism in the Age of Globalization: Beyond Amartya K. Sen's Criticism - By Kazuya Ishii
» Reimaging India on Gandhian lines - By Siby K Joseph & Surendra Kumar
» MK Gandhi, the clever tactician of non violence - By David Hardiman
» Self to Others: An Exposition from Gandhian Perspective - By Dr Rajkumar Modak
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» Mahatma Gandhi: A Life in the service of Humanity - By Pradip Jain
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» Gandhi: Moral Courage and Conviction - By Dr Ravindra Kumar
» गांधी से घात - राजमोहन गांधी
» The Learning Legacy of Gandhi - By Samir Banerjee
» Mahatma Gandhi’s Prophetic Clarion Warning - By Prof Gita Dharmapal
» Gandhi: The Socialist with a Difference - By Sadaf Bano
» Revisiting Gandhiji to arrive at a 'New Normal' - By Dr. Anil Kakodkar
» The evolution of Gandhi’s thought - By Irfan Habib
» Distancing Matters, Says Gandhi - By Dr D. John Chelladurai
» When Gandhi Introduced America’s Civil Rights Leaders to Nonviolence - By Peter Eisenstadt
» Bapu in Our Times - By Dr Sudarshan Iyengar
» Following Bapu’s Footsteps: 8 Heroes Building The India Mahatma Gandhi Dreamt Of - Edited by Divya Sethu
» Gandhi and Community: Walking together towards sustainable development - By Rev. Fr. Jude Thaddeus Langeh, cmf
» Impact of Mahatma Gandhi's concepts on mental health: Reflections - By Abhinav Tandon and V. K. Singh
» Synthesizing Sustainable Consumption And Development: A Gandhian Approach - By Jomilin John
» Confronting Empire - By Daniel C. Taylor, Carl E. Taylor, Jesse O. Taylor
» Emerson-Thoreau-Gandhi: A Cycle of Ideas - By Ayushi Bansal
» A Search for Basic Universal Morality - By Saral Jhingran
» Truth, God and Justice: Walking and Meditating with Gandhi - By Ananta Kumar Giri
» Reflecting on India @75 – Why Gandhi is more relevant than ever - By R V Bhavani
» Contemporizing Gandhi: Some Reflections on Principles and Praxis - By Sanjeev Kumar, Kumar Rahul, Rubul Patgiri
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» Gandhian Syncretism: The Quintessence of Theosophy - By Sahadeb Patro and Swati Samantaray
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» Can Gandhian philosophy help us attain sustainability in agriculture? - By Ankit Mahapatra, Ishaan Bajetha, Adupa Shanmuka and, Apoorva Veldandi
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» Reconstructing Development in Covid Affected India: Relevance of the Gandhian Model of Development - By Sreelekha RG
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