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» Conflict Resolution - By Dr. Y. P. Anand
» A Contemporary Interpretation of Ahimsa - By Agehananda Bharati
» Kingian Nonviolence : A Practical Application in Policing - By Captain (Retd.) Charles L. Aiphin
» Pilgrimage To Nonviolence - By Martin Luther King Jr.
» Peace Paradigms: Five Approaches to Peace - By Nathan C. Funk
» Interpersonal Conflict - By Thomas Weber
» Conflict, Violence And Education - By Satyabrata Chowdhary
» The Emerging Role of NGOs in Conflict Resolution - By Siby K. Joseph
» Martin Luther King's Nonviolent Struggle and its Relevance to Asia - By Chris Walker
» Terrorism: Counter Violence is Not the Answer - By Bhowani Prosad Chatterjee
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» Three Case Studies of Nonviolence - By Krishna Mallick
» How Nonviolence Works - By Glenn Smile
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» The Truth about Truth Force - By Lester R. Kurtz
» The Development of a Culture of Peace through Elementary Schools in Canada - By Ashley Ward
» Gandhi, Christianity and Ahimsa - By Sanjeev Nayyar
» Some Reflections on Culture of Peace - By C.S. Dharmadhikari
» Solution of Violence Through Love - By Louise A. Williams
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» Nonviolence And Western Sociological And Political Thought - By K. C. Aravinda Rajagopal
» Gandhi After 9/11: Terrorism, Violence And The Other - By Douglas Allen
» "Conflict Resolution & Peace": A Gandhian Perspective - By Manas Roy
» A Gandhian Approach to International Security - By Ambassador (Retd) Alan Nazareth
» Address to the Nation: Mahatma Gandhi writes on 26 January 2009 - By Vaibhav Gangan
» Truth & Non-violence - Gandhiji's Tenets for Passive Resistance - By Jay Subramanyam
» The Experiments of Gandhi: Nonviolence in the Nuclear Age - By John Dear
» Terrorism and Gandhian Non-violence - By Asghar Ali Engineer
» Reborn in Riyadh - By Syed Nazakat/Riyadh & Jeddah
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» Non-violence : A Force for Radical Change - By Narayan Desai
» Peace Approach : From Gandhi to Galtung and beyond - By Dr. Anupama Kaushik
» Gandhian Approach to Peace and Non-violence - By Siby K Joseph
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» Violence and Non-violence Today : How Gandhian Principles can help in reducing violence - by Ravi Bhatia
» Gandhian Concept of Non-Violent Society: A Modern Perspective - By P.I. Devaraj, Syamala K
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» Non-violent Resistance and Satyagraha as Alternatives to War - the Nazi Case - By George Paxton
» The moral thought of Mahatma Gandhi in state-building context. Case of Afghanistan after 2001 - By Kinga Rodkiewicz
» Global Peace in the Twenty First Century: The Gandhian Perspective- By Dr. Raj Kumar Kothari
» Ahimsa: Its theory and practice in Gandhism - By Dr. Ram Ponnu
» कानून से अहिंसा नहीं आती - विनोबा
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» The Tradition of Nonviolence and its Underlying Forces - By William Stuart Nelson
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» A Disarmament Adequate to Our Times - By K. M. Mahadevan
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