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A Call to India's Poetess

Shrimati Sarojini Devi has received a call from America chiefly for the purpose of undoing the mischief created by Miss Mayo's untruthful and libelous production. No writing undertaken in India can possibly overtake the mischief done by that sensation-monger who has the ear of a gullible public - hungering for and living on sensation. No serious American can possibly be taken in by Miss Mayo's scurrilous writings. The seriously-minded American does not need any refutation. And the general public that has been already affected by Mother India will never read the refutations, however brilliant, attempted in India. The idea, therefore, has been happily conceived in America of bringing out Sarojini Devi on a lecturing tour by way of reply to Mother India. If Sarojini Devi would respond to the invitation, her visit is likely to undo some at least of the mischief wrought by Miss Mayo's move. That the Poetess would draw crowds wherever she goes and command a patient and respectful hearing need not be doubted. She is as sure by the magic of her eloquence to captivate American imagination as she captivated South African and paved the way for the Round Table Conference, and finally for the great work that the Right Honourable Srinivasa Sastri is doing in South Africa. Let us hope that the way would be clear for her to accept the invitation and that Dr. Ansari would be able to spare her for the foreign mission that seems to call this gifted daughter of India.