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Letter From Pyaralal And Sushila Nayyar To Sarojini Naidu, July 6, 1942

Panchgani, Satara Dist.,
July 6, 1944

Dear Mrs. Naidu,
Bapu was very glad to have your note of the 28th ult.
His acquaintance with the late Nawab Yar Jung was so slight that he does not feel any enthusiasm about sending the message you have suggested.
has a grouse against you. Sir Radhakrishnan was here yesterday. He said that you were as incorrigible about taking care of your health as ever. When are you going to turn a new leaf in this respect? How is Padmaja?
With regards,

Yours sincerely,

[P S.]
Dear Ammajan, Bapu's anaemia is better. Bhai forgot to mention it.
How are you?


Mrs. Sarojini Naidu
"Sukh Niwas"

From: Pyarelal Papers, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library; Collected Works, Volume 94, page 123