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Letter From Gandhiji To Sarojini Naidu, July 18, 1941

Sevagram, via Wardha (C.P.),
July 18, 1941

My dear Singer,
I have been too busy seeing people to overtake even important letters like yours.
As to Mr. Munshi, my position is clear. When he could not conform to the explicit resolution of the Congress on internal disorders, I had no option but to advise him to leave. I cannot be held responsible for what he does after severing his connection with the Congress. Those who know me understand that such influence as I can exert on Shri Munshi must still be on the side of non-violence. Those who do not trust me will impute motives to me which I can only disprove by my conduct.
As to the workers, they are bound by the Congress resolution I have quoted in my letter to Shri Munshi. The Congress policy binds them to non-violence in the struggle with the Government as also in dealing with communal riots and the like. Is not this crystal clear?


From: Padmaja Naidu Papers, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library; Collected Works, Volume 94, page 1