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Letter From Gandhiji To Sarojini Naidu, February 22, 1934

February 22, 1934

My dear Singer,
I have your long letter through Mathuradas. Yes, I think that it lies ill with Hindus to object to the communal award whatever it may be. But the All Parties meeting has no appeal for me. I would do anything to achieve heart unity. But I see no atmosphere just yet. It will come and that sooner than many expect. I am biding my opportunity and waiting on God.
At Midnapore I am doing what I can. But what is it you suggest?
As for Bihar, I had put myself at Rajenbabu's disposal. I now leave Hyderabad on 9th for Bihar. I shall be in Hyderabad for nearly 12 hours, this time on Padmaja's permission staying with Naik. I wonder if you will be there.


From: Padmaja Naidu Papers at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library; Collected Works, Supplementary Volume 2, page 457