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Letter From Gandhiji To Sarojini Naidu, August 8, 1932

August 8, 1932

Dear Bulbul,
Here is a letter from Dr. Ansari which you would like to read. It is meant as much for you as for me.
You got my message about your lovable gifts! This is not to invite a repetition. We are spoilt children of nature and have everything we need in the way of creature comforts.
It is naughty of Padmaja to neglect me for so long. I hope she is better. Do you hear from your bearded son? If you write to him, please give him my love.
Have the ladies there told you that Sardar is seriously studying Sanskrit? He has made much progress during the four weeks he has been at it. His application would shame a youthful student.

Love from us all.

Little Man

From: GN 5124; Collected Works, Volume 50, page 348