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Letter from Sarojini Naidu to Gandhiji, June 18, 1929

Hotel Kaiserhof, Berlin
18 June, 1929.

Only a line to say that the weary and way-worn Wandering Singer returns home on 22nd July and expects a warm welcome from the Stay-at-home-Spinner. Being ill, I have had to cancel my delectable plan of going overland to Egypt through Turkey and Syria. I am sailing direct from Trieste. I am at present in the midst of a great International Women's Alliance Conference where delegates of forty-five countries are participating. The east is making a lovely show - Egypt, Turkey, India, Japan, China and Persia, and for the first time the Indian national flag has found a place among the flags of the world! Well, au revoir. I shall be glad to see the towers of Bombay again.

Much love from,
Sarojini Naidu

From: SN 15225