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Letter from Sarojini Naidu to Gandhiji, December 16, 1928

Montreal, Canada
16 December, 1928

A preliminary greeting from this far off beautiful, snowbound land of Canada where my visit has been more like a homecoming to our own people than the visit of a wandering Minstrel. The heart of Canadian is as warm as the climate is cold.

From your loving,
S. N.

15 December, 1928.

The accompanying little volume is sent to you by a dear and gifted old Canadian scholar who is the Arch-deacon of Quebec. He, his wife, and all his pastoral population have a deep regard and admiration for you and your teaching. As indeed I find universally wherever I go even in the remote hamlets of the United States and Canada. Wherever they hear that I know you, my value goes up a hundredfold apparently and instantly! Well, will you please send the Arch-deacon a message of thanks in your own handwriting? He is one of the rare, simple, spiritual people who keep the faith of a child in the midst of the world's disbelief.


From: S N 14870