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Letter from Sarojini Naidu to Gandhiji, September 2, 1928

Anand Bhavan,
2 September, 1928.

The conquering hero has just left for Simla, no doubt, to consolidate his victory. Everyone made some sacrifice at the All Parties' Conference and mine apparently, and to my great discomfort and inconvenience, was my pair of spectacles! I am therefore handicapped in reading and writing, being dependent only on the unsteady assistance of my lunettes!
I am starting on my great adventure on the 12th as you know and being somewhat sentimental in my declining years, I propose to make a flying journey to bid farewell to someone in Sabarmati - if that someone will keep an hour or two free on the eighth. I shall probably reach Ahmedabad on the night of the seventh via Agra and I am sure Saralaben will give me a bed.
I shall wire of course to confirm the date. I am like a snail carrying my house on my back - all my luggage for the new world is with me and consists actually of three packages less than I have for my Indian journey. Commend my simplicity!
You know all about the Lucknow proceedings... but perhaps I might be able to give you "behind the scenes" information better than most people having been very actively concerned in the Green Room proceedings as well as on the actual stage!!

Your loving,

From: SN 13507