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Letter from Gandhiji to Sarojini Naidu, June 25, 1927

Kumara Park, Bangalore,
June 25, 1927

My dear Mirabai,
I have your love letter. I hope Padmaja lying on a sofa was a case of a spoilt babe wanting to be fondled by her mother and not of sickness or fatigue. It is time for her to outgrow her illness and weakness and engage in some stern work and relieve us old people of the burden. Then you may talk of my right to take real rest.
If Dr. Ansari is not to lead us next year, we must find some other man or woman. There are many forces just now working against Motilalji. The burden will be too great for him to shoulder. I do not share the view that we must have a Hindu for the coming year. On the contrary, for the very purpose in view there is no other man than Dr. Ansari. He alone can pilot a Hindu-Muslim pact through the Congress. His selection will command universal acceptance. Hindus will render him loyal obedience and the fact of the Congress being predominantly Hindu will not - cannot - be disputed by a Mussalman being in the Chair. Think it over and if you have any doubt, wire your departure for Bangalore to discuss the question. I duly sent a wire today.

With love,

Shrimati Sarojini Devi
Taj Mahal Hotel

From: SN12868; Collected Works, Volume 34, pages 57-58