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Letter from Sarojini Naidu to Gandhiji, Novembers 26, 1925

26 November, 1925

To plead with you against your personal decisions is worse than useless I know, but you cannot prevent me from entering a passionate protest at your once again taking upon yourself the sins of those around you: it is only the personal and not the vicarious repentance of a man that brings his redemption and pardon - that is sound Hindu religion and sound common sense, and you only put a premium upon evil when the evil can escape so easily by the suffering of saints with too much compassion.
However, though my brain emphatically disapproves of your action and my heart rebels with anxiety, my soul does comprehend the significance and symbol of your self-imposed penance. O Christ of the Sabarmati! I shall be with you before the end of the fast. I wish I could be there earlier; but you have so many loving hands to minister to you, and sustain your little stock of strength. Poor fragile body - great, divine soul!

Your devoted,

From: SN 10666