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Letter from Sarojini Naidu to Gandhiji, February 13, 1924

Mombasa, Kenya
13 February, 1924.

Most beloved Bapu,

To give myself an exquisite birthday gift today I have stolen one moment, just one, out of my crowded hours of public engagements to send you a little message across the seas of my love, my homage, and my utter devotion to the beautiful gospel you have given to the world for its deliverance and which is my privilege to bear literally to the ends of the earth.
I came to Kenya on a mission which I have tried to fulfil according to my ability, and the heart of all communities and creeds in this wonderful country, this "Ophir" of the ancients, has been stormed, Indians, Arab, African, and European.
I am going now - on a pilgrimage - to that province that was the scene of your first victorious martyrdom in the cause of Indian rights and liberties. The call from there is poignant in its urgency, or I should have followed the temptation of my heart and set my face homewards, and you-wards by tomorrow's boat.
I shall write to you fully, and I hope legibly, from board the Khandala next week. This is only, as I said, to give myself the luxury of a birthday gift by having a moment's speech with you across space.
Will you be very kind and send me a line to meet me at Mombasa on my return journey from S. Africa? A letter posted before the 5th in Bombay will reach me in time. C/o A. M. Jeevanji, Kilandeni Road, Mombasa.
I want say so many things but I want, above all, I want to know from you one thing: that your health is improving steadily and that you are really resting in some quiet place full of beauty and the sound of clear cool waves. I wish I could transport you into the heart of one of the marvellous Highland forest retreats of Kenya - but I was forgetting - in spite of being the Greatest Man in the world you are a miserable Indian and may not have a sanctuary in the Highlands!!
I am just going off to address a meeting largely of the Europeans of Mombasa on Life and its Ideals. I shall of course have to boldly plagiarise (is that spelling correct) from the Gospel according to Gandhi.
May I send you the charming salutation of the African races and say Jambo!

You devoted friend and follower,
Sarojini Naidu

Benarsidas Chaturvedi, who has gone ahunting lions like a Kshatriya, sends you his pranams.
P.S. My health has improved though the old fever has returned in full force.

From: SN 9902