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Letter from Sarojini Naidu to Gandhiji, July 17, 1919

Duke's Hotel
35 St. James's Place,
London, S.W.1
17th July, 1919

Dear Mr. Gandhi,
There is not much to report except that the evidence before the Joint Committee has begun and all our deputation will be called to give their evidence after the official witnesses have finished. I also expect to give evidence for the Women's Home Rule League separately and meanwhile I am forming a strong all-India non-party deputation to wait on the Secretary of State on the question of women franchise. Several attempts have been made to find common ground for all the deputations, but in vain so far. I think however they will all unite on the question of Rowlatt Act and the Punjab and send up a joint memorandum.
My health is very bad. The doctor thinks my heart is permanently damaged and can't get better (The X-ray shows a horrifying condition!!) but it can get worse! but my crippled condition is improving under treatment.
I see a woeful and even willful ignorance and indifference about India in England - it is so precious to us, so rotten and valueless thing to them, except as enriching their coffers. But! - the spirit conquers in the end!
I hope you are well. I have had no news from India at all. The post goes out at once.

So bandemataram!

Sarojini Naidu