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SELECTED LETTERS > GANDHI-SAROJINI NAIDU CORRESPONDENCE > Letter from Gandhiji to Sarojini Naidu, February 23, 1915
Letter from Gandhiji to Sarojini Naidu, February 23, 1915

Servants of India Society,
Poona City,
February 23, 1915

My dear sister,
What would your say of a brother who does not inquire about his sister's health, does not acknowledge her message of goodwill and who does not even send a note of sympathy on her father's death? You will believe me when I tell you that I have not had a moment's rest after our landing. I thought therefore that I would write to you on settling down somewhere. Then I heard from Mr. Gokhale just when I left for Bolpur that you had lost your father. I said to myself then that I would write to you on reaching Bolpur. But no sooner did I reach Bolpur than I had to retrace my steps to visit the desolate home of the Society. Oh! the pity of it. And yet my Rajya Guru died as very few had the privilege of dying.

And now excuse me for the delay in writing to you. My sympathies are with you in your sorrow. You have enough philosophy in you to bear the grief that has overtaken you. Do please let me know how you are keeping.

With regards from us both,

Yours sincerely,
M. K. Gandhi

From: Padmaja Naidu Papers at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library; Collected Works, Supplementary Volume 1, pages 88-89