Mahatma Gandhi

His heart was full of love

Towards all human beings

Himself, he was truth incarnate

And gentle like a dove.

He travelled East and West

But what was his quest

It was for the country's sake

It was for the country's best.

He freed our country from the foreign yoke

In a non-violent way

And gave his life for the country's sake

Facing the bullet of astray.

Hail to the Bapuji

Hail, father of all my country men

You have left us a great legacy

Of truth and sharing with everyone.

You look so simple at the spinning wheel

yet glory of labour to us you have taught

To the teeming hungry millions

Hope you have brought.

Your noble pain we shall tread

And strive to keep our country free

From bare and selfish thoughts

And any kind of slavery.

By Kartik Dhadda