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Gandhi  -  Immersion Ceremony 2010

 Amid night-long chanting and prayers,

Fasting and  bhajans,

You will  make a solemn journey.


From the treasured  vaults of memory,

To your beloved Sarvodaya,

You will inhale again its pressing air.


Chartered and caressed by  tender hands,

You will drift

To the wide open seas.


As the early sunís rays

Stream across the waters,

Connecting the mothering shores of


Africa with India,

You will mingle  with

Water, air and sky.


Amidst the buffeting and billowing,

Your Spirit will be carried aloft

on the Wings of Truth.


And You will find again

innumerable resting places,

against tyranny and hate.


Your ashes,

sacred seeds of Soul Force,

will spout in the wilderness and on parched land.


And your  Eternal Sutras

of Love and Justice

will urge again a reign of Hope and Peace.  

By Devarakshanam Govinden

Poem composed for the 62nd Commemoration of Gandhiís Assassination and to mark the Immersion Ceremony, 29th / 30th January 2010, Durban, South Africa.