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So very grateful to find your free ebooks. I remembered I always wanted to read much more. TV Public Media re-showed a special on Gandhi bio. I must have watched "Gandhi Movie" story 50 times with my students in high school Deer Park Tx.

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Your contribution to spreading the message and works of Gandhiji is commendable.

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Very much thanks for publishing wisdom of great people. Great work. Hats off for nurturing knowledge to people.

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I am a great devotee of Mahatma Gandhi and follow his path and to me, this website is a treasure and a great opportunity for me to know more about my role model and one whom I admire a lot. To sum up I just loved the precised articles and general information. Thus as per me, it is a great website. Thank you.

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This morning iI was going through the newspaper I happened to see the article on MK Gandhi and the photo of the Sabarmathi Ashram. I had visited this ashram many years ago. I could recall the way the ashram housing was designed. I was recalling the design and hit this article and when I read the entire article. He was talking about Gram Swaraj and then I google to get more infromation about the princilples of Gram Swaraj. I happend to see your website and the related books online. My greatest pranams for providing this information and it is very well done and easy accesible. I don not understand how I missed these great stuff all these year. Wishing your team for the great work done. This website will help to access some of the information related to read and motivate me to implement some on the ground in my village. Jai Hind.

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It was very helpful in my declamation competition and helped me to know about the vision of Gandhiji of India after independence. Thank you.

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Thank you for the important service to all humanity you provide. Gandhi's teachings and life example are ever more relevant and helpful to understand and to take correct action regarding global environmental destruction - the end of life on the planet as we know it and its cause - feudalism (capitalism - greedism) as its driving feudalism (wealth-power of the few) social  structure, and shrewdly sold as just an isolated "economic method". Again, thank you.

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I still haven't read, I'm about to download, but I want to thank this organization for the generosity in sharing Gandhi's words, his life and wisdom!

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Thank you for the daily Gandhi quotes (Thought For The Day) and teachings, that every day reminds me of truth-seeking, helping others and keep the right view on humanity in a troubled world.

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Tremendous work done by you that you have kept all treasure about Gandhi and His life and work. Now no one can mix any wrong information and misuse it, centuries will get the proper information about Gandhi and can make their own opinion. Many of violated minds try to kill Gandhi by their act, by using language and spreading rumor and misguide about Gandhi. Now, it is a public property. Great work. Thanks again.

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First, I would like to thank you for such an amazing collection on our beloved Mahatma.
This is the only site I have seen so far that offers me to download books for free which is very kind hearted effort from your side. Thank You on behalf of all our readers.

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The books are highly inspirational. Gandhiji's ideology holds good even today, if only we understand this, we can make India and the world a better place to live.

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I think Gandhi used everything at his disposal to help with his ideas on peaceful protests! Around the World, were plenty of examples to help formulate his ideas! He was truly a man of the people! I only wish I could have met him! A great loss to the World!

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Thank you for this beautiful website on the great man.

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150th year of birth of Bapu is an opportunity to reach people to make them know facts as facts. The time is now to interact with the youth lest they believe that such a man ever walked on this earth with flesh and blood!

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Gandhi to me, was the greatest religious leader of his time! He died when I was only (1), but through him I found God! Peace be upon him, all who follow in is footsteps!

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Salute. Its very informative content nicely categorized into various sections, which makes easy to find particular info. Also information about other various organizations is also a commendable part. Free Download of books is very convenient and appreciable advantage.

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Gandhiji cherished values and ideals are more relevant than ever before. The so called global liberalisation has been one of the biggest fiascos of all time. More so for developing and under developed countries like India. Bapuji was a visionary. He recognised that blatantly embracing technology would lead to global disorder as it has. Unemployment is rife, illiteracy abounds, poverty has reached unprecedented levels, the gap between haves and have-nots has reached alarming proportions. In keeping with the social milieu everyone takes recourse to violence even to settle petty issues. Hypocrisy, lies, illusions, delusions and tamas lies large. Bapuji had already predicted this scenario since he was such an ardent devotee of lord Krishna and the holiest Bhagavadgita. Statistics are being twisted and turned to garner votes. The hoi polloi and their dreams lie shattered. Everyone is disillusioned. Satyagraha, non-co-operation, civil disobedience, truth and ahimsa are the only ray of hope for the world.

Name : Daya Shankar
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wrote on Monday, October 01, 2018 11:00 AM

Mahatma Gandhi, the great person of rising Hindustan. He was the main fighter of that evolution of Hindustan to free from Englishman. Slogans like 'Go back' and 'Quit India' have more importance that time. So our Bapu was very great, great and great.

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Good work... It's easy way to get all books of Gandhi ji. Keep gandhiji alive with their books.

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You are doing a great work for the world in today's modern situation. Keep up your good work. Gandhi's books turn out to be a torchlight to every individual who likes to hold on to truth and love in this dark world.. Keep going and keep going higher and higher! Lots of love to you.

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A virtual treasurehouse of Gandhiana. I discovered it just now. I will use it to spread the relevance of Gandhiji to Tamil readers.

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