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366 pearls of wisdom, one thought for the day (quotes) by Acharya Vinoba Bhave

Vinoba Quotes

Compilation : Kanchan, Brahmavidya Mandir, Po: Paunar, Wardha 442111, MS, India.

Translation : Pranati Pratap

Photo Courtesy : Guatam Bajaj and Gandhi Ashram.

First Edition : 2015

Published by:

Yagna Prakashan, Hujaratpaga, Baroda 390001, India. Tel. +91-265-2437957

Vinoba's perception of life was novel and extraordinary. His every action was soaked in the ambrosia of the Absolute. Vinoba's comtemplation and his various experiments in the realm of social problems had a spiritual foundation. While carrying out these experiments, he applied the uncommon wisdom, comprehensive intelligence and unfathomable compassion that he had attained by diving into the depth of his soul. His literature was an expression of those experiences. This is a presentation of 366 perls of wisodm, one thought per day to purify our daily practical lives. Inspiring us to seek God and untying the knots of our hearts, these thoughts simultaneously are deep and sublime. These pearls are sparks of Diving Consciousness. Each and evey thought is a sip of ambrosia.

- Kanchan

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