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Videos on Mahatma Gandhi

MAHATMA - Life of Gandhi (1869-1948)

This is a 5 hrs. 10 min. documentary biography of Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi.
All events and principles of Gandhi's life and thought are viewed as integrated parts of his truth-intoxicated life depicting permanent and universal values.

Imagine the world today...Award-winning Mahatma Gandhi commercial.

Mahatma Gandhi, who taught the concept of non-violence to the entire world, if only he could spread his message like this, maybe we would have been a different world today headed in a different direction. (Duration: 1.05 min.)


( Mahatma Gandhi First Television Interview - 30 April 1931)
(Duration: 4.29 min.)

Mahatma Gandhi : God is Life, Truth, Light, Love and The supreme

(Duration: 5.19 min.)

Salt Satyagraha - Dandi March

Salt Satyagraha Dandi March video. (Duration: 1.21 mins)

GANDHI - Philosophy of Non-violence

This brief documentary describes the development of Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence. (Duration: 1.28 min.)

The girl who silenced the world at the U.N. for 5 minutes

(Duration: 8.31 min)

Mahatma Gandhi - Speed Painting by Martin Missfeldt

This is a tribute to all people who searches for freedom, liberty and peace.
(Duration: 4.12 min.)

Mahatma Gandhi : Spiritual Message on God, 1931

'During his stay in England in 1931, when the Columbia Gramophone Company requested him to make a record for them, Gandhi pleaded his inability to speak politics, and added that, at the age of sixty-two, he could make his first and last record which should, if wanted, make his voice heard for all time. Confessing his anxiety to speak on the spiritual matters, on October 20, 1931 he read out his old article "On God". (Duration: 6.11 min.)

Martin Luther King, Jr. - Influence of Gandhi and Nonviolence

In this interview, Dr. King explains how he was first exposed to the ideas of Gandhi and the philosophy of nonviolence.
(Duration: 0.54 min.

Video of painting of Mahatma Gandhi by bicycle

Massive 24 square metre painting of Mahatma Gandhi, performed in a public space in Kyoto. The painting was executed by Borja de Pedro on his bicycle.
This video is intended to remind people of Gandhi.
Gandhi changed the course of history through non-violence. (Duration: 10.00 min.)

Gandhi Painting

Painting on Mahatma Gandhi (Duration: 2.04 min.)

Crazy art Gandhi fingerprint painting

(Duration: 3.42 min.)

MS Paint Art : Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, who taught the concept of non-violence to the entire world, if only he could spread his message like this, maybe we would have been a different world today headed in a different direction. (Duration: 1.05 min.)

Mahatma Gandhi's 11 principles

(Duration: 2.49 min.)

Interesting GANDHI Video

(Duration: 1.29 min.)

Documentary on Bombay Sarvodaya Mandal

(Duration: 10.48 min.)

Virtual Tour of Sevagram Ashram

Sevagram Ashram was founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1936. You can have a quick tour of the ashram with a commentary in English.

Mahatma Gandhi, The Salt March, The Dandi March: Learn English

Learn about "The Salt March" also called the "The Dandi march", a non violent protest organized by Mahatma Gandhi. This event later became a turning point in the history of the Indian independence movement.

"मोहनदास से महात्मा: ''दक्षिण अफ्रीका, सत्याग्रह और गाँधीजी |
South Africa, Satyagraha & Gandhi

The best part of my life' is how Gandhi described his days in South Africa 25 years after he had left it. It was certainly the most formative period of his career. Without the challenges, the trials, and the opportunities that his South African experience brought him, it is unlikely that his personality and politics could have been cast in the unique mould which made him one of the most charismatic and creative leaders of the twentieth century. RSTV revisits this phase of his life in THE special series ‘Mohandas se Mahatma Tak’.

Vaishnav Jan To...sung by artists from 124 countries

As part of the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Mahatma Gandhi, artists from over 124 countries have contributed musically in paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi through his favourite bhajan 'Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye'

Animation film on 'Vaishnav Jan...

Courtesy: Rajya Sabha TV (RSTV), an Indian public broadcast service.

GANDHI film by Richard Attenborough (Hindi)

Full 'GANDHI' movie video in Hindi.