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99. A Promise Kept
In 1921, during his Sindh tour, Gandhiji had promised to see the people of Naushahro and the neighbouring villages at the Padidan railway station which he was to pass on his way to Hyderabad. But when the train reached there late at night, he did not realize it was there that he was to meet these good people. He was too tired to enquire nor did Shri Jairamdas Daulatram, who was in the same compartment with him, have the heart to tell him that it was the same people whom he had promised to see. When Gandhiji discovered his mistake afterwards, he wired to the people of Naushahro expressing his regret for the mistake and promised to make a point of seeing them when he next visited Sindh. He remembered his promise even after 8 years had elapsed. At a public meeting at Naushahro (during his visit in 1929) Gandhiji made a touching reference to this incident and thanked God that He had spared him so long to enable him to redeem his pledge.