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89. "Prisoner No. 1739"
When Mahatma Gandhi was a prisoner of the South African Government in November 1913 in Bloemfontein Gaol, his jail card, which is now in the possession of Shri Lokamal Gobindbux Malkani, bore the following among other details :
No.: 1739.
Name: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
Religion: Hindu.
Age: 43.
Trade: Solicitor.
Date of Sentence: 11-11-'13.
Date of Discharge: 10-11-'14.
Sentenced: £ 20 or 3 months (on each of four counts).
Gandhiji was awarded 60 marks for good conduct. As he did not pay the fine, he had to serve the full sent­ence. The card bears his thumb impressions.
The card also bears the following remarks regarding the prison diet which was supplied to him: "Allowed vegetable diet owing to religious scruples. Diet: 12 bananas, 12 dates, 3 tomatoes and 1 lemon-each, 2 ounces of olive oil and 3 selected groundnuts.”