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73. Kindred Spirits
"When I sent my book, which had just been published, to Gandhi," wrote Romain Holland, the well-known French savant, "I expressed the fear that I may not always have grasped his thought and that I should like to correct any mistakes there may be, if he would point them out to me. He replied to me from the sanatorium where he was completing his convalescence:
22nd March, 1924
Dear Friend,
I thank you for your kind letter. What does it matter if you have, here "and there, made a few mis­takes in your essay? To me the wonder is that you". have made so few, and that you have succeeded, though living in a distant and different atmosphere, in interpreting my ideas so correctly. It shows once again the essential unity of human nature, although it may be flowering under different skies. . . .
M. K. G.’