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64. Don'ts For Receptionists
The public functions that were arranged wherever Gandhiji went during his Andhra tour in 1929 were often too strenuous for him to bear. He wanted that those who were in charge of the arrangements of the programmes should use their discretion and cut out all unimportant engagements. For their benefit he issued a list of some "Don'ts". It ran as follows :
Don't give the body more than six hours' work.
Don't "make noises at meetings or anywhere else.
Don't have processions.
Don't go in for spectacular things.
Don't have too many engagements per day.
Don't take the body to places where there is no money or no business in
terms of the objects of the tour.
Don't take it anywhere to satisfy anybody's whim or pride.
Don't take it to too many places.
Don't make the mistake of thinking it is a mere lump of earth; it is no doubt a lump of earth but it contains a very sensitive tiny creature that notices everything done to the earthy case.