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54. A Certificate from Gokhale
When Gopal Krishna Gokhale went to South Africa he had taken with him a scarf which was a gift from Justice Mahadev Govind Ranade. Gokhale treasured the memento with the utmost care and used it only on special occasions. One such occasion turned out to be the banquet given in his honour by the Johannesburg Indians. The scarf was creased and needed ironing. It was not possible to send it to the laundry and get it back in time. Gandhiji offered to try his art.
"I can trust to your capacity as a lawyer, but not as a washerman,; Gokhale. "What if you should soil it ? Do you know what it means to me?" With this he narrated to Gandhiji, with much joy, the story of the gift.
Gandhiji still insisted, guaranteed good work, got Gokhale's permission to iron it, and won his certificate. "After that," said Gandhiji, "I did not mind if the rest of the world refused me its certificate."