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53. His "Womanliness"
Many who came in intimate contact with Gandhiji noticed that he was more womanly than most women they came across. Tribute to this unique trait in his character has been borne by both Mr. and Mrs. H. S. L. Polak.
Mr. Polak has remarked, "Gandhi has proved beyond dispute the theory that the best men and the best women combine in them the best qualities of each other. No woman could excel him in patience or endurance, none could be more long-suffering."
Mrs. Polak has said, "Mahatma Gandhi has been given the love of many women for his womanliness. I often see in imagination Mahatmaji as I frequently saw him in South Africa walking up and down a room with young child in his arms, soothing it in the almost unconscious way a woman does, and at the same time, discussing with the utmost clearness, pressing political questions."