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51. Christ Recrucified
On his way back to India from the Second Round Table Conference in 1931, Gandhiji halted for a day at Rome, where he was introduced to Mussolini, the Dictator of Italy. He also paid a visit to the Vatican, where, on being shown the famous painting of the Crucified Christ, he appeared to have been deeply moved after gazing at it.
Referring to the picture he was reported to have , said later : "What would not I have given to be able to bow my head before the living image at the Vatican of Christ Crucified ? It was with a wrench that I could tear myself away from the scene of living tragedy. I saw there at once that nations like individuals could only be made through the agony of the Cross and in no other way. Joy comes not out of infliction of pain on others but out of pain voluntarily borne by oneself."