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50. A Present from Maulana Mohammed Ali
On 8th October 1924, the day Gandhiji broke his 21 days' fast at Delhi, he wrote to Maulana Mohammed Ali as follows acknowledging the present of a cow made to him by the latter as a token of Hindu-Muslim unity :
"My dear Brother,
You are more than a brother to me. I have seen the cow. My bed was lifted to enable me to see her. What love that has prompted the act ! May the bond between you twins and me fructify into an indissoluble bond between Hindus and Mussalmans for the good of our respective faiths, for the good of our country and for the good of humanity. Yes, God is Great. He can work wonders.
Yours ever,
M. K. Gandhi"
[The letter was written by Gandhiji himself and signed in Urdu.]