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44. Eid Greetings to Quid-I-Azam
In September 1944 while he was in Bombay Gandhiji sent four chapatis to Quide-i-Azam Jinnah on the Id day along with his Id greetings. Intimate talks between the two leaders were then proceeding at the latter's residence with a view to solve the political problem which was getting more and more complicated on account of the extreme divergences between the Congress and League standpoints. When Gandhiji was walking down from the Quide-i-Azam's residence to Birla House a press correspondent made the suggestion to him that he should invite the League President to the evening prayer. Gandhiji smilingly remarked in reply: "You are all influential people. Why don't you ask the Quide-i-Azam kindly to join my prayer?"