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125. Mahatma's death reconciles mother and daughter
A dispute which had raged long and bitter between an old woman on one side and her daughter and her husband on the other over the ownership of the former's husband's properties came to a dramatic end in the Dis­trict Court of Chittor on 13th February '48. The Judge had directed the parties to appear before him that day, in a last hope of bringing about a reconciliation between them. When they appeared, he explained to them how foolish it was for them to go on quarrelling and wasting their money in litigation and he earnestly appealed to them to come to an amicable settlement. But the appeal proved futile.
Then the Judge, leaning forward over his table, solemly asked the parties whether they had heard the name, of Mahatma Gandhi. Looking at the portrait of the Mahatma hanging on the wall over the seat of the Judge, they said, "Yes."
This was what followed :
Judge : Do you know that Mahatmaji lived and died for the poor and the ignorant and the foolish?
A. : Yes.
Judge : Do you know that he lived and died for all of us?
A. : Yes.
Judge Do you know the whole world is crying over Mahatma's death today?
A. : Yes.
Judge : Why is the whole world crying for him ?
A. : Because he loved all and was a good soul.
Judge : Do you not love him?
A. : Yes, certainly we all love him.
Judge : Do you know that Mahatma Gandhi's spirit will cry to see you all in these foolish quarrels?
A. : We will not quarrel any more. We give up our quarrels.
At the suggestion of the Judge the daughter and her husband then prostrated before the old woman, who embraced them and blessed them, all the three, mother, daughter and the son-in-low, crying all the while and asking each other's forgiveness.. In the settlement finally arrived at the mother was allowed to enjoy her husband's property till her demise, after which it would go to the daughter.