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103. "A Delicious Lie"
"The papers say," said Sardar Vallabhbhai one day to Gandhiji when the Sardar was staying with the latter at Sevagram, "that Lord Linlithgow sent an advance copy of his speech to you. Was it for suggestions or alterations?"
"It is a delicious lie which needs no suggestions or alterations, but a summary rejection."
"But," said the Sardar, laughing, "you have a knack of pleasing all gods. In the very article where you have a good word to say for the. Viceroy's speech, you have something nice to say for Jaiprakash and the Socialists too !"
"Oh, yes," said Gandhiji, joining in the laughter. "That was what my mother taught me. She would ask me to go to the Haveli (Vishnu temple), and also to the Shiva temple, and you may be interested to hear that when we were married we were taken to worship not only to all the Hindu shrines but to a Fakir's shrine as well!"