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100. "With Love" to detectives
Gandhiji's last act prior to leaving Brindisi on his way back to India from the Round Table Conference in London in December 1931, was to give autographed photographs of himself "with love" to two burly Scotland Yard detectives who protected him day and night throughout his three months' stay in Europe. The sleuths, whose names are Mr. William Evans and Mr. William J. Rogers, were sent with Gandhiji as an act of courtesy by Sir Samuel Hoare, Secretary of State for India, the Mahatma having expressed the wish for someone to protect him not from enemies but from his friends who, he declared, tried to kill him with kindness. The two detectives, who became greatly attached to Gandhiji, were deeply touched by his action in giving them autographed pictures of himself, but they were quite over­whelmed, when he promised them each the finest English lever watch from India bearing suitable inscription.