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Talks On The Gita Book Cover

"Talks on the Gita" is the story of my life, and it is also my message - Vinoba

Talks On The Gita

Written by: Vinoba Bhave

Published by:

Paramdham Prakashan, (Gram-seva Mandal)

Pavnar, Wardha 442111, MS, India.

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» Introduction
» Note from the Publisher
» Vinoba on the 'Talks on the Gita'
» Introduction: Arjuna's Despondency
» The Teaching in Brief: Self-Knowledge and Equanimity
» Karmayoga (Yoga of Selfless and Desireless Action)
» Vikarma: The Key to Karmayoga
» Two-fold state of Akarma: Yoga and Sannyasa
» Control of the Mind
» Prapatti or Surrender to God
» Sadhana for a happy ending of life: Yoga of Constancy
» The sovereign science of service to humanity: Yoga of Surrender
» Contemplation of God's Manifestations
» Vision of the Cosmic Form of God
» Saguna and Nirguna Bhakti
» Distinction between the Self and the Not-Self
» The Gunas: Developing them and going beyond them
» The Integral Yoga: Seeing the Lord everywhere
» Conflict between the Divine and the Demoniacal tendencies
» Programme of the Seeker
» Conclusion: Renunciation of the fruit of actions leads to the grace of the Lord