"Talks on the Gita" is the story of my life, and it is also my message.
- Vinoba
Talks On The Gita
Written by : Vinoba Bhave

Published by :
Dr. Parag Cholkar
Paramdham Prakashan, (Gram-seva Mandal),
Pavnar, Wardha - 442 111, India.

Printed by : Paramdham Mudranalaya, (Gram-seva Mandal),
Pavnar, Wardha - 442 111, India.

Gram-seva Mandal

Introduction Note from the Publisher
Vinoba on the 'Talks on the Gita' Introduction: Arjuna's Despondency
The Teaching in Brief: Self-Knowledge and Equanimity Karmayoga (Yoga of Selfless and Desireless Action)
Vikarma: The Key to Karmayoga Two-fold state of Akarma: Yoga and Sannyasa
Control of the Mind Prapatti or Surrender to God
Sadhana for a happy ending of life: Yoga of Constancy The sovereign science of service to humanity: Yoga of Surrender
Contemplation of God's Manifestations Vision of the Cosmic Form of God
Saguna and Nirguna Bhakti Distinction between the Self and the Not-Self
The Gunas: Developing them and going beyond them The Integral Yoga: Seeing the Lord everywhere
Conflict between the Divine and the Demoniacal tendencies Programme of the Seeker
Conclusion: Renunciation of the fruit of actions leads to the grace of the Lord