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82. Gandhiji and the Communists
The Communists not only did not see eye to eye with Gandhiji's creed, but also gave a good deal of trouble at Congress meetings in the third decade of this century. But as Gandhiji did not have any ill-will against them, he always tried to win them over. While at Meerut in 1929 he expressed his strong desire to see the Communist pri­soners lodged in the local jail undergoing trial in connec­tion with the famous Meerut Conspiracy case.
And when he visited the jail, the prisoners were surprised to see a visitor whom they expected the least. They greeted Gandhiji with the words, "We frankly did not expect you to visit us."
Gandhiji replied, "Of course, you did not. You do not know me. I may have my differences with you. You may even cause me trouble at Congress meetings, but my creed teaches me to go out of my way to show regard to my opponents and thus demonstrate to them that I can mean no ill to them."