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74. "Liars All"
In the course of his Bengal tour in 1925, Gandhiji happened to visit Nawabganj. It had rained heavily all night, and the school boys (of Haripad Bapu's National School), whom, Gandhiji wanted to meet early morning before leaving, could not keep their time and were late. Not more than five minutes could, therefore, be given them. "You all spin and wear Khaddar," said Gandhiji to them, "but tell me how many of you always speak the truth and never lie?" A few boys raised their hands. "Well, now tell me how many of you occasionally happen to lie?" Two boys immediately raised their hands, then three, then four and finally, almost all!
"Thank you," said Gandhiji, bidding them good-bye, "there will be always hope for those of you who know and own that they occasionally lie. The path of those who think they never lie is difficult. I wish both success."