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101. A Pataudi Story
On the last occasion when the Nawab of Pataudi went to pay' his respects to Gandhiji, the latter, says the Nawab, "wanting a change from discussions on general topics of the day, suddenly decided to pull my leg by telling me that he had made up his mind to challenge me at a single wicket cricket match. Would I accept the challenge? I replied that I would on condition that when the match was over he would allow me to challenge him in Politics. My pro­posal having been accepted, I proceeded to tell him with a serious face that whereas I was certain he would beat me at cricket, I was equally certain I would beat him in Politics. Gandhiji laughed like a happy child and thumping me affectionately on the back said, 'Nawab Sahib, apne to abhi se mujhe bowled ker diet ('Nawab Sahib, you have bowled me out already'). What a great man! We shall not see his like again."