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Appendix 1,2,3
Anavil Mandal, Johannesburg (Nyati and Hindu)
Aryan Literary Association, Pietermaritzburg (Hindus only?)
Bhavik Vishnuites
Colonial Born Hindu Benefit Society, Port Elizabeth
Darjee Dharmsala, Johannesburg (Nyati and Hindu)
Delagoa Bay Luwanas
Delagoa Bay Hindu Mahajan Mandal
Depot Road Shri Thakurdwara & Dharmsala
Gnanvardak Sabha, Stanger
Gujarati Hindu Society, Johannesburg
Hindu Dharma Sabha, East London
Hindu Sabha, Malvern, Durban
Hindu Tamil Institution, Durban, f. 1914
Hindu Progressive Society, Umgeni, Durban
Hindu Satyasang (Satsang) Dharma Sabha, Port Elizabeth
Hindu Samshaan Fund, Durban
Hindu Sudhar Sabha, f. 1905
Hindu Tamil Institute
Hindu Thirukatam Association, Ladysmith, f. 1910
Hindu Young Men's Society, Sydenham
Hindu Young Men's Association, Pietermaritzburg
Hindu Yuvak Samaj, Germiston
Hindu United Association, Cape Town
Hindu United Association, Johannesburg
Kathiawad Arya Samaj, Durban
Madras Indian Association (Hindu?)
Maharastrian Sabha, Pietermaritzburg
Malvern Hindu Sabha
Mauritian and Colonial-born Hindu Benefit Society, Port Elizabeth
Mayavant Association (Hindu?)
Nadiad Hindu Anathashram
Natal Brahman Mandal
Sanathan Dharma Sabha
Sanatahn Dharm Soodhur Sabha, Ladysmith, f. 1908
Sanathan Brahman Sabha, Durban
Sathyajana Sabha Tamil School, f. 1897, Durban
Shri Hindi Jigyasa Sabha, Durban (branches in Mayville and Sydenham)
Shri Sithivinayaga Saiva Samaya Bhakti Bhajane, f. 1905, Pietermaritzburg
Shri Vishnu Hindu Temple
Sva Gnana Pregasa Sabha, f. 1912, Port Elizabeth
Surat Hindu Association, Durban
Tamil Benefit Society, Johannesburg
Tamil Hindu Samsara Bodha Association, f. 1912
Tamil Mahajan Sabha
Tavdikar Bhajan Mandal, Durban
Thakurdwara Hindu Temple Committee
Trikootam Association, Ladysmith
Transvaal Anavil Samaj
Umgeni Hindu Progressive Society
United Hindu Association, Cape Town
United Hindu Association, Johannesburg
United Patidar Association, Johannesburg
Vannik Kstriya Association, Pietermaritzburg (Nyati and Hindu)
Ved Dharma Sabha, Johannesburg
Ved Dharma Sabha, Pietermaritzburg
Ved Dharma Sabha, Port Elizabeth
Ved Dharma Sabha, New Guelderland
Ved Dharma Sabha, Verulam
Verulam Gopalal Mandir
Young Men's Vedic Society, Durban, f. 1912

Anavil Mandal, Johannesburg (Nyati and Hindu)
Aryan Literary Association
Aryan Youth Progressive Association, f. 1910, Pietermaritzburg
Darjee Dharmsala, Johannesburg (Nyati and Hindu)
Delagoa Bay Luwanas
Durban's Darjees
Gujarati Hindu Society, Johannesburg
Gujarati Indian Association
Kathiawad Arya Samaj, Durban
Madras Indian Association (Hindu?)
Matya and Lewa Kunbis
Natal Luwana Niti Dharshak Sabha
Natal Anavil Sabha, f. 1906
Newcastle Tamil Association, f. 1910
Surat Hindu Association, Durban
Tamil Agam, f. 1917
Tamil Protection Association, Pietermaritzburg, f. 1916
Transvaal Anavil Samaj
United Patidar Association, Johannesburg
Vaniakular Kstariya Soceity, f. 1910, Pietermaritzburg
Vannik Kstriya Association, Pietermaritzburg (Nyati and Hindu)

Alipor Masjid
Anjuman Esha-Etul, Depot Road, Durban
Anjuman Fejeh, f. 1895, Johannesburg
Anjuman Islam, Durban
Anjuman Islam, f. 1910, Somerset Strand,
Anjuman Kuvtul Islam, Durban
Anjuman Kuvtul Islam Dadar, Durban
Anjuman Hedayatul Islam
Bodana Masjid
British Indian Mahomedan Association, Mafeking
Dayadara Anjuman Madressa
Diamond Fields Janjira Anjuman Society
Dhabel Anjuman Islam
Dhabel Madressa
Diwa, Kosamdi, and Datal Islamia, Durban
Diwa and Kosamdi Madressa, Durban
Grey Street Madressa, Durban
Habibia Muslim Society
Hamdard Society
Hamidia Islamic Society, Johannesburg
Kanamia Anjuman Islam
Kathor Anjuman Madressa
Kathor Madressa Anjuam Islam
Kathor Mehfil Ronkul Islam
Kathor Mehfil Zintol Islam
Kholvad Jamat
Kholvad Mehfil Saiful Islam
Kokney Muslim League
Ladysmith Islamic Society
Madressa Sokatul Islam Panoli, Durban
Mafile Osmania Cricket Club
Mahomedan Club, Marburg
Mahomedan Debating Society, Dundee
Mahomedan Mastik Society, Durban
Mahomedan Theatrical Group
Mehafil Eslam Mota-Varachha, Pietermaritzburg, f. 1905
Mehfil Islam, Estcourt
Mehfil Islam, f. 1912, Stanger
Mehfil Kuvtul Islam (for Dhalvasi residents in India)
Muslim Labour Association
Mota-Varaccha Society, f. 1905, Pietermaritzburg
Natal Memon Community
Newtown Hamidia Surtee Masjid
Ottoman Cricket Club, Durban (Muslim?)
Panoli Anjuman Islam
Panoli Anjuman Payra (Pairao)
Panoli Shoktul (Savkutuaal) Islam, Durban
Pinetown Mahomedan Society
Point Indian Young Men's Society, Durban
Point Mahomedan Society, Durban
Ranvav Anjuman Islam
Ranvav Ichtul Islam
Ranvav Ikwa-Tul Islam
Shoktul Islam, Durban
South African Janjira Anjuman
South African Moslem League
South African Moslem Association
Stanger Mehfil Islam
Tidul Islam Kosamdi Madressa
Young Muslim Society, Durban
Young Muslim Association, Pretoria

Aryan Literary Association, Pietermaritzburg (Hindus only?)
Awakened Indian Society, Cape Town
British India League, Cape Town
British Indian Association, Johannesburg
British Indian Union, Cape Town
Cape British Indian Association
Colonial Born Indian Association, Natal
Colonial Born Hindu Benefit Society, Port Elizabeth
Durban Indian Society
Durban Indian Association
Durban Indian Library
Durban Indian Women's Association
Durban Fruiterers Association
Indian Young Men's National Union, Kimberley
Indian Political Association, Kimberley
Indian Chamber of Commerce, Durban
Ladysmith Farmers Association
Madras Indian Association (secular?)
Natal Indian Congress
Natal Indian Association
Newcastle Indian Organization
Ottoman Cricket Club, Durban (secular?)
Rustenberg United Assembly
South African Indian Association, Cape Town
St. Aidan's Literary and Debating Society, Durban
(Sources: Mainly from Indian Opinion and African Chronicle)

Mehfil Saiful Islam Annual Report
The Mehfil's secretary reported on 15 February 1910.
On 13 February, Kholvad's Mehfil Saiful Islam's annual meeting took place in the library hall. Mr Hoosein Ismail Khota was the chairman. Mr Hajee Moosa Hajee Ahmed Dindar was elected chairman in place of Mr. Hajee Ebrhim Hajee Ahmed Dindar who was in the Transvaal. In place of Mr Hajee Moosa Dindar, Mr. Mahomed Ahmed Badat was elected as member of the subcommittee. Mr. Goolam Ahmed Bihari read the Mehfil's annual report whose main points are as follows.
The names of the trustees, managing board, and subcommittee members are listed at the beginning of the report. The Mehfil's nine objectives and eighty rules are set out. By the year's end, the total of 52 members is made up of one life member, 16 first-class members, 21 second-class members, and 14 third-class members.
Financial Details: When the last report was published, the Mehfil's balance was Rs 2305-15-9. In previous years, the income was made up of Rs 124 in subscriptions, Rs 388-8-0 in gift funds, Rs 796-12-0 in village repairs, and Rs 559-12-0 , and Rs 559-12-0 in Gurba funds. In addition, the sale of unused library books came to Rs 5-6-0, which together with refunded newspaper subscription of Rs 1-10-0 came to a total of Rs 7. [sic] Mehfil's rental from its let-out building was Rs 20. Scrap metal was sold, and this brought a credit balance of Rs 56-12-6 to the building account. For construction work to Mehfil's building, Rs 639-13-1 was borrowed from Mr. Hajee Ebrahim Dindar, and Rs 165 from Mr Ahmed Suleiman Saloojee Patel. In this way, the income for the last 2.5 years was Rs 5063-9-10.
From this amount, the building cost was Rs 3187-0-4, debit of Rs 90 for double credit, Rs 18-12-0 held by Mahomed Essop Teli, and Rs 168-8-6 for the purchase of newspapers, pamphlets, and books for the library, for furniture and its rental of Rs 33-4-0, Rs 11-9-4 for stationery and stamps, Rs 68-10-7 for workers' wages, and miscellaneous expenditure for gatherings and the cost of printing the last report; add up to expenses of Rs 108-4-9, village repairs of Rs 515-5-9, and Gurba fund donations of Rs 304-9-6 over 2.5 years for 685 poor people. The total expenses come to Rs 4536-2-2. These items of income and expenditure leave the Mehfil with a credit balance of Rs 20-14-5 in cash, Rs 281-6-3 in repair fund, Rs 225-3-0 in Gurba fund, totalling Rs 506-9-3 in Mr. Hajee Ahmed Dindar's possession. The total balance as at the end of the year is Rs 527-7-8.
As of now, Mehfil has assets of Rs 3187-8-4 in building, Rs 169-12-0 in furniture, and Rs 202-3-3 in books, adding up to Rs 3598-15-7 in stock and Rs 141-6-0 worth of assorted items donated by 15 members.
This long report will be printed in a booklet. The Mehfil adjourned.
(Source: Indian Opinion, March 26, 1910)

Trust Deed of Mehafil Eslam Mota-Varachha
Memorandum of Agreement made and entered into Pietermaritzburg, colony of Natal, this first day of October 1905, by and between Amod Bayat, Dawood Mahomed Bayat, Ismail Ebrahim Bayat, and Moosa Ebrahim Rawat all of Pietermaritzburg, storekeepers, Mahomed Sulleman Vaid, Mahomed Ebrhaim Seedat of Newcastle, Amod Mahomed Badat Haffijee of Estcourt and Dawood Amod of Umzimkulu, storekeepers, all natives of Mota-Varaccha District, Surat, India.
That the above parties have agreed to form a Benevolent Society to be known as The Mehafil Eslam of Mota-Varaccha upon the following conditions, viz.:
That all the parties hereto are the Trustees and Committee of Management of the affairs of the Society:
1. That said Amod Bayat shall be the president and the said Mahomed Ebrahim Seedat the secretary and treasurer of the said Society, but the majority in number of the Committee of Management shall have the right any time and at all times to elect and appoint other members of the Committee to fill the positions of president and secretary and treasurer.
2. It is further agreed that the funds already collected, or hereafter from time to time collected shall be used for the building of schools, assisting persons who are destitute, and for any other purpose which may be decided upon the majority in number of the aforesaid Committee of Management.
3. In the event of the resignation of any one or more of the said Trustees, the retiring Trustee or Trustees shall appoint some other person or persons who are natives of Varaccha to be Trustee or Trustees in his or their place.
4. In the event of the death of any of the Trustee or Trustees then the majority of the remaining Trustees shall appoint as a successor in office either a brother or son of such deceased Trustee or Trustees.
5. All funds belonging to the Society shall be placed in a Bank by the secretary and treasurer to the credit of The Mehafil Eslam of Mota-Varaccha.
6. All cheques shall be signed by the president and secretary and treasurer.
7. The secretary and treasurer shall on the 30th day of June and 31st day of December in each and every year, prepare and transmit to each and every member of the Committee of Management, a full statement of accounts and report showing the true position of affairs of the Society.
8. All the members of the Committee of Management and their successors in office shall render service free of charge to the Society.
9. The secretary and treasurer shall keep a record in a minute book of all proceedings of the said Society.
Thus done and executed at Pietermaritzburg on the day, month, and year first above written, in the presence of the undersigned witnesses.
As witnesses:
Amod Bayat
Parsee E. Cowasjee
Y. S. Vaid
Mahomed Ebrahim Seedat
Ismail Ebrahim Bayat
D. M. Bayat
Moosa Rawat
A.M.B. Haffijee
Amod Mamoojee Motala
M. S. Vaid
(Source: Hassim Seedat Collection)