Abhanga : devotional metrical poetry in Marathi
Advaita : Vedantic concept for Monism
Aduaitavadins : believers in Advaita
Aman : freedom from desire of respect
Ashram : one of the four stages of the Hindu way of life; a place for renunciation; a place for disciplined community life
Asuri Sampat : mind's propensities leading to evil darkness
Avatar : incarnation

Bhagawadgita : The celestial poem containing cream of the deepest Hindu thought—specially highlighting the doctrine of Karma—selfless action
Bhagawat : mythological work of divine glory
Bhakta : a devotee
Bhakti : devotion
Brahma : The Supreme
Brahmabhuta : one immersed in the spirit of Brahma
Brahmacharya : chastity, continence; literally conduct to God-realization

Chitta : enlivened mind
Charvaka : materialistic school of thought known by the name of its preacher

Daivi Sampad : divine-higher propensities of mind lead¬ing to man's upliftment
Daya : compassion
Dharma : one's path of duty; religion
Dwadasha Mantra : the sacred verse of 12 syllables dedicated to Lord Krishna

Gayatri : consecrated Vedic mantra of immense potency
Guru : a spiritual guide; teacher
Gurudev : a reverential term for guru, guru hailed as god

Jay Rama : Glory to Rama

Khadi, Khaddar : hand-spun & hand-woven cloth-in
Kshatriya : a warrior; one belonging to the second division of the pristine Hindu society

Lok-sangraha : that leading to conservation of society

Mantra : a sacred and pithy verse
Maya : denoting illusive nature of the transient world
Moksha : salvation; liberation from birth & death
Muni : a recluse; one keeping silence to meditate on the Divine
Mauna : silence

Punya : accrued merit from service & devotion, etc.

Rakshasas : demons; evil-doers
Ramanama : the name of Rama; recitation of His name
Ramayana : the Epic of Rama by Valmiki
Rishis : those given to deep austerity & penance to explore Eternity; men of wide vision

Sadhana : spiritual practice
Sattvic : denoting the divine qualities of mind
Satyagraha : clinging to truth; soul-force; Gandhi's weapon of non-violent resistance
Satyagrahi : one wedded to Satyagraha doctrine
Shastras : scriptures
Shloka : metrical verse of devotion
Sirkar : Governmental or local authority
Sthitaprajna : man of steady mind; one risen above dualities

Tamas & Rajas : mind's propensities leading to dark¬ness and self activity respectively
Tapas : penance; austerity
Tapascharya : one given to practising penance Thana : police station

Vaishnauas : devotees of Vishnu—the Divine Dispenser
Vedas : the Earliest Hindu scriptures in lyrical form emanating perennial wisdom. They are Rigveda, Samveda, Yajurveda and Atharvaveda

Yajna : a ritual at the altar of God; sacrifice
Yamas : injunctions for religious life
Yoga : practice of body, mind & soul for realization Yogi : one practising Yoga